Learn how to Write, Publish& Promote a Ebook for Beginners

How you to can write and publish a ebook


Hello My name is C Gibson, I'm a Author of seven ebook's and currently working on number eight. 

Have you ever wanted to write and publish a book, but just didn't know where to start? I also have always wanted to write a book, but thought it was an impossible dream. When I finally did write my first book it felt like a dream come true to me, so I decided after writing seven books that I would teach what I learned about how you write, publish & promote your very own ebook.

By the end of this course you should have all the tools you need to get your very first ebook written and published.

What's included?

2 Texts
15 PDFs
2 Presentations
C Gibson
C Gibson

About the instructor

Hello My name is C Gibson, I'm a Author of seven ebooks and working on number eight. 

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Would you like to write a ebook and have it published yourself.

Take my course and learn the steps to get your own ebook published.  

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